Sunday, December 5, 2010

Checking off my list of to do's.....

                                   No more Christmas balls to make YEAH !!!!!

I have finally finished all the ones I need to do.(until some ones rings and says could i please make a ball for.)..........
So here are the finished balls and please note now everything and I mean everything is covered in glitter               
                                  EVERYTHING ha ha ha ....

These ones are for the little fellas friends at day care-

I am going to put one of them in a bag chuck in a chocolate Santa and tag them from him-TICK DONE


Aren't the colours nice and beautiful here,so Christmasses.... Well of course it Christmas looking DAH ...

I did a red set for my mum (around 30 balls) then I did the same amount for my sister in gold.

The hot pink ones are for the special girls who work at Fred's-they always have smiles on their face are helpful beyond duty (I am a very hard customer so they must be doing something right....)they deserve more but hey it's Christmas these are from me ask your boss for a raise ha ha ha (that was so funny) (Kevin didn't think so)

Will post them on Monday -TICK DONE

I have read about family's who have a Christmas tradition where they get Christmas books and for the month of December and read these for that month.

I love this idea -I already had one from our first Christmas together( I am one of those people of write in books so I knew when I bought it ) so we bought the other 2 to help us on our way.

Now each year we can add to these as the Little fella grows and enjoy our new tradition.

OMG I look like death,,,but I am trying hard to make sure The little fella has plenty of photos of us together,I really hate photos but gotta change

                                        Shiver next time I hope I look better,ha ha
Shiver is because i would like to put a swear word in but it is Christmas and trust me I know what LIST I am ON-ha ha

Now picture this -It is 5.00pm Saturday night.Its is pouring -NOT sprinkling but pouring down and these 3 (Bonnie as well) all wanted to go into the pool.

I asked Kev why the little man has a broom and his replied was(like I was stupid to ask) -"little man likes to ride it while he swims.


Crazy family but I love them....

        What you looking at? You never seen a BEAUTIFUL WET FAT PUG before.....ha ha


And lastly Kerry moved home today for a little while,I am going to love it but poor Kez,,,,

The little fella loves her so much "where's Kerry" what Kerry doing" "kerry" these are his 3 favorite sentences at the moment...

Kerry's reply was "does he ever shut up he talks alot" to which we said "he is quiet when he is asleep,

Here the little man is in the the truck they hired to move her with,

He loves buttons so was very happy.

Oh well it is now 4.30am I am going to bed maybe I can snuggle to Kev and get an hour or two sleeping in -YUM.

Ps i had to change this post around so the time is different to what i said -SORRY -the moral is don't type when you are half asleep and taking pills....ha ha


  1. Welcome to the Sidley house hold Kerry. You'll soon learn how to turn off.
    Enjoy Aidan as he is not little for long, he takes after your mother for talking.

  2. I forgot to say how beautiful all the balls look. As usual you do a wonderful job. I can't wait to see you all at xmas, but you will be sick of it by then, tinsel & glitter girl.
    Love you heaps Mumxxx

  3. the grandmother can also talk she ain't quiet by anymeans ha ha love you mum xxx

  4. Our Christmas tree is now complete. Thank's Sis for the "Family Tree" baubles, I love them, and gold is the perfect colour, the tree is covered in it. So looking forward to you coming up. What time would you like us there Christmas morning?

    See you soon............


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