Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Letters

For the last couple of years Kevin and I have wrote and printed out Santa letters for our family and friends little kids.

It is something we enjoy and get a kick out of hearing the kids reaction to them.

This is this years version.

We even give it a little North Pole stamp and post mark.

This year was also our biggest so far -I think we did about  30.

But it was also going to be an exciting one for us as the Little Man is starting to understand the Santa concept.....So

Here he is getting and opening his letter 

"mmmm what is this Dee ?"

I was sitting there beside him and was so excited  -like who was sending "US" a letter?


Then I had to tell him it was from Santa and what it said.

But even though he didn't quite get it it was all worth it just to see how excited he was and to be part of that was priceless.

 I now also know what our friends are talking about  when they say how their kids acted.

PS -He took his letter to bed......AHHH Cute.



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  1. So cute & that is what makes Xmas so special.
    I love Xmas & all the bits & pieces that go with it. Especially the little ones.
    Love Mum xxx


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