Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa photo

                                         Just wanted to show the Little man's Santa photo

                                                        Isn't he just the cutest.....

          Did you notice Geoffrey the monkey had his photo taken as well and he was also wearing a Santa hat.

                    And yes that is a mobile phone in the LM hands -he didn't like Santa and  just as Kevin was just about to put his Santa hat  on and join the group-I relented and gave the LM the one thing he loves but isn't allowed to touch  MY MOBILE PHONE and then  what happens  BIG SMILES.....

                 The photographer said Oh that's so cute do you want me to take the photo now or take the phone off him ????

          WHAT!!!!!!!!!!      Are you kidding me?-ok lets take the phone off him and let him scream,You have taken away something he loves and sat him with a fat guy in a red suit who he has already shown a dislike to .......shall I go on...

                            But no I was good (did you proud Mum) I just gritted my teeth and said "it's ok just take the photo".....

So that is the story behind the Little Man's beautiful smile.
                                                                           dee  xxx


  1. It's a lovely photo of Aidan & geoffrey, & yes I'm proud of you Deidre but then I am always.

  2. It's a great photo Dee that photographer was a bit of a boof head! Gilly ox


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