Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rocky Road trees

                        Well the dreaded list got another work out yesterday/today -

I made these on Wednesday but I am writing about them now and it's 3.45am Thursday-go figure....ha ha ha

Any way I enjoy making these treats for friends and they make a nice gift for teachers.

This year I made 12 trees and a "new shape" which is a Christmas Cracker -looks good.

So here is my little Rocky road forest........................

This is the new cracker one.

I used a toilet roll as the mould for this.
Worked well.
I will be doing this one again .

And here is one all wrapped  waiting to be given away to be loved and eaten...
Kerry has put her order in she wants a couple for gifts.
The rest are for our neighbours and friends.A couple of them are chocoholics so this suits them fine.

dee xx

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  1. What a wonderful gift for all us chocoholics, you must be so tired from doing all of them especially at that time in the morning. Thay all look great, even the cracker(a lovely idea, but them you are a smarty pants)
    Love Mum xxx


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