Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where's Dee

Well this is me at the moment -even that picture is wrong I am so sad I must have cried a river or more.
I don't know what is wrong well yes I do -I am in immense pain I am sleep deprived drugged up and have  had it,
Yep that sounds like it.
All I have done this past week is get the little fella ready for school then get up and hobble around to just do the house work -Just a quick sweep vacuum and make beds(the washing if I can make it outside to the laundry)-I hope Kev doesn't  look too close or he will die -but as long as it looks ok I will then go and just sit, and go downhill.I try to leave nothing for Kev to do as he works looks after me and the little fella.

No craft-no emails-no phone calls no shopping Yep you heard that correct no shopping.
So much for me acting positive -crap  then just now to top it all off my wedding ring finger started to hurt and oh god I have the start of some sort of open cut and swollen finger.

So i pulled off my wedding ring (now anyone who knows me will agree I don't take my rings off NEVER,they are never off my finger always on 24/7 - I don't care how much they cost they have a job to do -so on my finger they stay)So I have wrapped my finger up and it is starting to settle.
Poor Kev what he comes home to  yuk a bangaged up wife with red  swollen eyes from crying -Yeah Kev's got it made ....
So now I am devastated "what's next
I just want everything to go back to normal.You know go to bed with Kev and wake up with him.Now I go to bed anytime from 1.00am -4.00am but for how long no one knows.
And now here I am crying like a big baby while no one is here cause I am sick of everyone feeling sorry for me "saying it's ok everything will be ok blah blah blah"
Maybe tomorrow will be  different 1st day of Summer -Christmas month and all that ....

I hope

Please don't feel you have to leave a comment I just had to get this off my chest so thanks for well wishes

dee xxx


  1. I just wanted you to know that I love you very much & I pray to God(which I rarely do) that I could take your pain from you. Just don't push yourself so much, as you are the only one that suffers for it.
    Love you Mum xxx

  2. thanks mum -you are the best and thats why I love you -deidre x

  3. Wish you didn't have to go through this, but wishing isn't going to help you. Just know that you, Kevin and Aidan are always in our thoughts.


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