Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice Storm

                                                WOW !!!!!! you should have  been here around 3 hours ago-talk about hail it was more like a blizzard of Polar proportions.I sorta expected  a polar bear or two to come walking past me  (just joking ha ha )

                         Like I said it was big. It had thunder and lightning and of course HAIL and then just when you think it's over MORE HAIL....

Look at how much ice there was....

From a distance I love hail.....he he he

Looks cold..

We have a little river in the back yard.

Just more ice....

So we certainly had an exciting afternoon 



  1. There is certainly alot of hail around. How did Aidan react to it all? Poor Debra's car copped it up here. She said it now has alot of dimples. As long as no one was hurt and no bad damage done

  2. hello my beautiful friend how good it was to hear from you, I tried to email you today and it was returned to to me. how spooky was that your chrissy card arrived this afternoon, please keep in to you and your beautiful family, special love to Kerry love you barbara xxx


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