Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Craft 2

Well I have a list as long as my arm of more craft to make before Christmas (just like everyone else hey) so I was glad I could finally  cross these off my list.

My problem is I was only going to make one of these for the Little Man and that was it-then  I thought about it so change that to 5 -but then I thought some more and ended up with 10.
                                   so--    NO MORE THINKING ha ha

The only good thing is that you have everything out so 10 isn't that bad to do if I was going to do  1  (go figure my way of thinking )

Doesn't the red and white stripe look great .....

I LOVE THEM.......

Yes that is the Little man's  just wanted to show a close up....

These stockings were the Kaiser wooden stocking with scalloped bottom edge but I wanted it straight... and I can't remember where exactly I found the original idea,I am sure it was from the Maya rd Design team...

anyway better go my glue is waiting ha ha ha

dee xxx

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  1. You certainly go all out when you start something, but they look great


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