Monday, December 13, 2010

Market find

              Went to the markets on Wednesday just to pick up some bits and lots of bobs ha ha ha

One of my good finds were these 2 little silver pedestal dishes,I love silverware and thought these would look nice on a bathroom vanity with potpourri in it or something like that .So when I asked the price and he said $2 each  got butterfly's and  felt like a thief buying them, They are fully marked underneath so I guess they were some ones little treasures many years ago.....

Well they are mine now Mine Mine,ha ha

So here is one of the dishes the other is slightly smaller.Both need a good polish .

But I thought that can wait I am putting them out now....

Just filled the dish with deep red and silver balls  and I love it....

Same here and put thee dish on the table in the entry.

dee xx

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  1. Isn't it great what we can find at the markets. You got a good buy & it suits the balls.


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