Monday, December 13, 2010

Bee Baby

                      My little boy is allergic to bees.

Kerry is as well so I guess it plays on your mind and lucky it played on Kev's mind as well on the weekend.

The two were swimming (what a surprise) when Kev noticed a bee on Little Fella (LF) face,

He tried to just wave some water towards LF face  thinking it would lightly wash the bee away.No it didn't.

In the end LF just brushed it off his cheek getting stung in the process.

Kev watched the LF's face for awhile and  it and got very swollen and red pretty fast -then he said "Well looks like he is Allergic and seems ok now but next time we will take him straight to hospital-it  reacted too fast,"

Meanwhile LF came inside to show me and I said I better take a photo to show Nanny  (now this is where it gets goo)

He looked at me all sweet and innocent and said "YOU WANT SAD FACE FOR PHOTO DEE DEE"

    Smart kid hey...........

So the winner for best sad face goes to Little Man


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