Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Little Reindeers

                                      Keep  forgetting to put this photo in....
 My Mum painted them years ago and even though I am not going the full decorating hog this year  (leaving ALL that for you mum ha ha ) I couldn't go without a painted Christmas object from mum to remind me of her.

Now I do truly love these (If I didn't they would be long gone)  everything else is in a mad mess with Kerry moving home there are  boxes everywhere while we sort out storage.(  But YEAH I have my daughter living with me again--- Kinda like a second chance ) and it was just luck that I found these (can't find anything else though) So they have been lovingly put out.
LM loves them, every time he walks passed them he has to counts them.

When I said what are they he said "3 Cows"
                                                                    So Goodbye from
                                                                 dee and the 3 cows

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  1. Good on you Aidan, they must be cows, Xmas Cows


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