Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bonnie turning 2


Well this is weird but true blog post  (and no there were no medication involved  here ha ha ).

Alan and Lisa called in today so I decided what better day than today to have Miss Bonnies Birthday Party, She turned 2 the other day and we havnt been able to do anything just yet-BUT TODAY WAS IT....
                                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS BONNIE......

The happy birthday girl and her guests....

Miss Bonnie is eyeing off her birthday cake mmmm yum .Gee Dee you put a lot of time and effort into my cake but at least the cake has 2 candles...

This was her present from LM.A Pup cake toy.
Miss Bonnie loves it and it squeaks real loud.

Wish you could have been here -just mark the date for next year  ha ha ha


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  1. Happy Birthday Bonnie. I love the pup-cake. Nearly time for her to have some puppies?


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