Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread house and Buscuits.

Ho Ho Ho it's getting closer to Christmas so I thought what's next on the list..

 mmm yum Gingerbread house and biscuits.

So although  the LM drove me and Kev  insane while he was decorating the biscuits it was like one lollies for me to eat and one lollies for the biscuit -No hang on *I want that one* I will put this one (from in his mouth) on biscuit.

My 2 beautiful men .....

Kev starting to  loose it ,He was over biscuit decorating real quick and I mean real quick.ha ha ha

Little Mans finished biscuits after I tried to tidy them up a bit,

Our first go at decorating the Gingerbread house,

Next time (when we are at mums and it is a couple of days before Christmas)we do this I am bringing my own piping bag and nozzles so it dosn't look so Blah,,It's ok but will be better next time,Also I will make sure the LM is in bed -ha ha ha

Kev said I am mad there is nothing wrong with it,

dee xxx

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  1. All the biscuits are lovely,Aidan & Kevin are quite a pair. I think Kevin needs a medal for sitting there with Aidan.(Both are cute) Kevin & Aidan that is.
    The gingerbread house is also cute....
    I can't wait to see you all....


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