Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jaxons 1st Birthday dinner

 Last night we went to Kerry's for a little  Birthday party for Jaxon..

It was lovely ....with family and friends and of course the happy birthday boy....

And then we had the Birthday cake....

          Kerry made a beautiful banana cake and cream cheese icing and boy did Jaxon love it....

                          No I didn't really throw this into Jaxons face I just did it for a photo....

                   The happy family Diesel, Emmanuel the birthday boy Jaxon and Kerry ...

This is the motorized car that Kev and I bought has to be put together so we just sat him on the box...

                                           Happy 1st Birthday my little


  1. OMG - Jaxon's a year already - can't even think about how fast time is flying !!!
    But I have to tell you everyone looks so gorgeous in these photos - you look fantastic Dee - cleavage and all you sexy grandma you ( and of course Kerry is just beautiful ! )

  2. Happy Birthday to Jaxon from his Great grandparents. Boy I must be getting old. xxx


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