Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My living book...

Recently on a friends blog The Janelle Wind Collection she wrote about  going to the markets and buying one of these growing books...

She went on to say show their website on which they sold the kits for $25 to make it everything even the dirt came with the kit...

I fell in love with this idea and promptly ordered one..

Such a great idea ...all you do is put the dirt in the hole (dirt supplied) put in your plant...this is the only thing you need to buy is where I change things around I decided I didn't want a real plant so I put a florist oasis in the hole and then I put in a fake little succulent that I had  then just put the stones of top (these are supplied...)
It looks really nice on our stereo in the pool room and I may be sneaky to make one or two for teachers gifts.

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