Monday, March 3, 2014

Re Captured Photo

I love this picture.It is of Kerry aged about 5 months on her rocking horse which  my sister gave her when she was born.

So I have carried the horse  around with me for 30 years till Kerry had kids and wanted it for them..

Well last weekend was that day and we said Goodbye to the rocking horse....


I have always wanted to get a picture of Jaxon on the horse about the same age as Kerry but kept forgetting to do so....

Well as the horse was going I thought better now than never,so Kevin held Jaxon and I took a quick snap.

 Unfortunately it was in the opposite direction and a bit dark so Pic Monkey to the rescue and I flipped the picture and lighten it up abit....Love how it turned  out and now I have  another recaptured memory to look back on....

Have you done this  before..



  1. you are such a good grandma! seriously cute photos.

  2. It's a lovely photo of Jaxon on the horse. I wonder what Kerry will do with him. The horse that is not Jaxon.


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