Monday, March 10, 2014

The Christening

The Royal Christening was nothing compared to Prince Jaxon's....

Kerry worked really hard to get every thing perfect this was really her first big event that she was hostess at and she did a great job....

The Church was beautiful and we went to the house before hand to see the Godparents dress Jaxon ..
The service was really nice as well...Jaxon was so good poor bub was hot though but still manged to smile...

Everything about the day went perfect I was so happy for the three of them as this was such a special occasion...

We went to a lovely Italian restaurant in Liechart called Grappas where the had booked it out for lunch the people there were just perfect....

Kerry  had a colour scheme of light teal yellow and white  and it all looked perfect fresh and matching.....Gee I am so proud of my girl...

Another thing Kerry did was have a children's table with puzzles pencils and origami for the kids to do ..Big hit even LM who doesn't usually like this loved playing there...

Emmanuel and Kerry made the macaroons cupcakes and sugar biscuit's.I did the cake pops in one way it was lovely to sit back and let her do it all in another way it way sad kinda like passing the sword to the next player....

It was a lovely day and we got to catch up with family and friends Emmanuel's family was lovely and really made us feel welcome..

So to Kerry Emmanuel and Jaxon thanks for a wonderful you all

mum kev and the LM xxx


  1. Dee,
    What a beautiful party and Jaxon is adorable. Kerry did a great job.

    1. Thanks so much Kris for your lovely comments.I am so very proud of Kerry for what she did for the Christening and Jaxon well he is just dee x

  2. A wonderful day to celebrate Jaxons special day.


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