Tuesday, October 12, 2010


He has GROWN UP....

Today Aidan came home from daycare in these pants,there had been a little accident so they had to change his pants.

But what I am going on about is how short these are now.

They were bought this season -in the correct size and No they haven't shrunk -he has just grown that much.....

Aidan couldn't wait to show me his potato person.

Yeah that's so good Aidan -Dee loves it......

It has started already hey.

I am sure it's a conspiracy by the schools as a punishment for sending our kids there -so in turn they send home all types of wonderful things that we really need....like potato people-pasta jewellery .grass seed heads,etc...

I wonder if I can post mine to mum.I am sure in the parenting handbook it says to pass it on to grandparents   ha ha

My New Books have arrived....

I made a couple  more books as gifts the other week from BigW and I got to pick them up today.

I am very happy with them  but there is a couple of mistakes but I am not telling anyone what they are  ,ha ha I am keeping one ,one is for Makaylas mum and one for my mum.

I just love Makayla's book.

And remember my friend Allyson's wedding to Miro in August.
 Well I made them a book to treasure as well.

The flower print on the cover was the ribbon they used on their invites and cake. I just scanned it and popped it in.

I hope they like it, they made such a lovely couple in these photos (and in real life as well  ha ha )

It's funny though I miss talking to Ally now I am not at work.
Just feels like everyone forgets you and just keeps on working when you leave .... (look out where are the tissues,STOP this conversation now due to waterworks)


Yep that's what I said.
Today I made the first of the Christmas balls I personalize for friends and orders.

I have been doing these balls for about 8 yrs -and have made thousands of balls.It is amazing to think of all the balls we have made and that the people who bought them treasure them I used to like seeing the little kids see their name on the ball and they had the biggest grins, makes you feel good,
But I hate the glitter mess that comes with it (he he he). I find glitter everywhere for months afterwards ha ha (And I mean everywhere)

Even Kev gets in and helps with them,I will put the name on then he glitters them.

He looks so cute with his spoon of glitter and his tongue hanging out as he glitters the ball.Funny that you have to have your tongue out to make things work if you don't have it out "failure"ha ha


"BUMP" that's right you are not seeing things.
Kerry has 2 friends who are due to have their babies after Christmas so we made them one for this year even though the babies aren't here yet..and they are just "bumps"

The others are Makayla's-one for each Nana and one for parents.Bad photo but they still look good.



  1. Aidan has certainly grown, but you may keep his little treasures, been there done that & still have a couple of things from you girls. Remember that we are moving......
    Your books are really beautiful
    Love mum xxx

  2. Thank you SO, SO, SO much for your INCREDIBLY sweet comment and helping out my friends! And the amount does not matter! All that matters is your kind heart wanted to help and I am so grateful! And I read more then this post and I LOVE your Christmas balls! So pretty!


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