Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Harry Potter.

The Little Man  has his 1st book week parade next month and I thought OMG who are we going to dress him up as........LIGHT BULB moment ! He really likes Harry Potter so I thought I will start to read that to him before the parade.I went to our trusty eBay and bought his robe from the UK and the scarf from Melbourne (I did check around here but could only get his glasses.) It finally all arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to dress him up....(just like a little Barbie  doll )
He looked SOOOOOOO Cute.You be the judge.
Baby size Harry Potter.

Cute but I think Harry needs a tissue his nose looks a bit wet  ha ha ha Also I just noticed how deep pink his lips are..I promise I havn't put anything on them....This LM is going to be a lady magnet when he is older soooo cute.

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