Friday, August 10, 2012

Red Velvet

Red Velvet ....Red Velvet... that's all I hear about when I watch cooking shows on TV...What is Red Velvet ???  Cupcake Wars -Red velvet...Cake Boss-Red Velvet.....Ace of Cakes-Red Velvet....Yes I watch a lot of TV but I still don't know what a Red Velvet cake looks or tastes like.
UNTIL yesterday.. mum and I were shopping and a new cupcake shop has opened in our shopping plaza.and guess what??? they have the mysterious Red Velvet cupcake (mind you it cost $3.60 each ) so I bought two and took them home...

We all had some and the verdict is.........drum roll .........NOTHING SPECIAL....that's right for all the hoopla I have heard about them  they are just OK and that is me ,mum Kev's opinion and the LM just ate it without comment,To him it is just a cake

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  1. It tasted just like an ordinary cup cake, except for the price.


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