Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Night time craft

I have said before I can't sleep at night very well due to the pain and I am sick of taking pain killers (I mean they are not aspro or panadol we are talking big league pain killers) so I just try to grin and bear it for as long as I can.So while I am doing this I tend to go into the craft room as to not disturb Kev
The other night I thought what can I  do ???? I have heaps of projects on the go at once.Who does one thing at a time and finishes before starting another one  ?not me .... so I ended up doing   some bits and pieces but that wasn't taking my mind off the pain then I remembered my lamp in the lounge room.

Pretty boring I know so I found some white paint and starting painting...

Now I really like it.I also love how it looks against the feature wall.Yeah ....
But the next night the same again-the pain was unbelieveable so what did I do?
Yep that's right I painted the table in the same colour leaving the top stained.Actually when I bought this table it was pine so I stained it with a strong mix of coffee.

Like before I am very happy with the result.

Love my little brown birds a gift from my mum...

So sorry about the wonky shade but I couldn't fix it and wanted to take these photos.Looks great now that all is fixed and straightened.

Oh I also repainted this frame with a picture of me and Kerry to see how it would turn out.
So I told Kev just leave the white paint in the craft room and who knows what you will wake up to ha ha .

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  1. It would be a good idea to try & go to bed but then when your not well by doing things it takes your mind off things I guess. It looks very nice, a great improvement.


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