Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Look down on the ground....It's a Bird....   It a  plane....
No it's BAT PUG............

Faster than a speeding snail....
More powerful than a tonka truck....
Able to leap over fallen sausages.

Yeah I know I have mixed up the two super heroes but who cares I think it is funny .
I bought this cute little batman outfit off eBay and couldn't wait to try it on our dog -a pug called Bonnie.Who is named after the greatest rock God ever Bon Scott from AC/DC (only thing was she hated it and it was a little too small.the man who sold it to me said this was the size for a pug.)
 Well we have FAT  BAT PUG DOG
I have to stop this is getting weird.
Such a cutie except for the drool....

Just mucking around in Pic monkey .I love that site.

Hope you had a laugh over Bat pug or even just a smile.


  1. Poor little Bonnie, she still looks cute though.


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