Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Giant Cupcake

The other day I went shopping and finally I bought a giant cupcake tin.  How weird you say...But I have always loved them ..... .I bought mine in HOUSE (gee I love that store) for $25.

 Isn't she  beautiful ( I am talking about my  cake tin here ha ha ).I told my best friend Lisa about these tins and she said she got herself  one from Kmart  for $6 and said next time she went there she would get me one.Thanks Lisa I appreciate that.

Anyway I am one impatient lady so I rang our local Kmart -NONE all sold out.,then I rang a couple of other stores and got the same story..So I rang the store in QLD that is near my mum's and YES !!!! they have some  so I got them to put away 3 as Kev was going up to the Gold Coast today to pick up the boy and he can bring them back...,Well he only needs to bring back 2 tins -one for me and one for Kerry the other tin is for my mum  .Doesn't matter if I have 2 tins.but guess what ??????????? Lisa sent me an email She went into her local Kmart and got me one Yeah I now have three which will be good as well .

Today is my nephew Trey's 3rd birthday so guess what I made him????(don't worry got him a pressie as well ) I made my first giant cupcake.....,

Looks good even if I say so myself ha ha

Betty Crockers frosting yum...I know I should make my own frosting but there is only one word for  it  LAZY....

It took 2 cake mix packets but could have used 3.Next time I am going to use 3 and cook the top first  then I will cook the bottom half.I am real pleased how this one turned out because 2 packets of mix   didn't fill the tin properly .Still looks alright.tastes good as well.The Little Man helped me ice the cake with chocolate frosting on the bottom and vanilla  frosting on top with sprinkles.
So if you have a birthday coming up watch out as you might just end up with a giant cupcake waiting for you.

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  1. It looks yummy & I'm sure that Trey enjoyed it. Can't wait to try my tin out.


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