Sunday, August 12, 2012

Who's a Lucky girl then ???

Who's a Lucky girl then ???  ME that's who...Since my last stay in hospital I have lost heaps of weight  and  now my wedding ring is way to big.We tried to get it resized but our jeweller said he couldn't do it any smaller as it is 3 rows of diamonds and he couldn't guarantee they wouldn't pop out and then that would  be an added expense to have them reset.
 So I have been wearing my wedding ring  on the  middle finger on my left hand that was  till Sunday before the LM's  birthday party.My mum was gathering up all the rubbish and asked if this is all the rubbish I said Yes and mum just happened to look into the bag and here was my wedding ring in a plastic bag about to be thrown out..OMG I nearly died    .Needless to say the ring has been put away in the safe. so now my hand is ring less and I hate it,So I did what any good wife does I WHINGED... Kev said I could  get a new one and  told me how much I could spend (let me just say something here.....Believe me it wasn't as easy as I am making out here I had to really talk Kev into this as this will now be my 3rd wedding ring )So I did just what he said and was even a tiny bit under buget.......

 Beautiful isn't she.....
Excuse the yucky hands  but I just wanted to show off again..
 Sorry last look.... I just love it.....I know they say diamonds are a girls best friends but I  say Kevin is my best friend....Just love him...And my new ring..

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