Monday, August 6, 2012

Today's Quickie

Today's post is a quickie and I will do a post later with more details from the Little Man's birthday party which was yesterday and his birthday which is today..He is now 5.Time just flys ...
I will be doing another post with birthday party photos and the craft we did for it but I just couldn't resist this picture and wanted to share it with you.......

I just couldn't help it ....the cake was just sitting there looking at me saying "come on you  know you want to do it  come on just imagine the cake squishing through your fingers onto his cheeky little face.....come on do it ....DO IT!!!!!!  )
So I did...........and it felt good and we BOTH laughed and laughed together (I would do it again just to see his little face light up and he looked cute with cake all over his face....

Today is a special day  for another reason as well ..It is mine and Kevin's anniversary we have been married for 8 years  ( I had to ask Kevin how long it has been ...Why don't I know???? well when you are living in heaven with the love of your life why do you need to keep track ??? good answer because I just can't remember how long it is )

Here we are at our wedding.It does sound corny but I don't think I have ever been happier in my life
than how I am now with Kev.He truly is the love of my life and the pain in my B#%..
Thanks for taking the time to read this...

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  1. Happy Birthday to Aidan & Happy Anniversary to Kevin & Deidre


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