Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Crowns

Well in the year 2010 I discovered birthday crowns and thought I love them I am going to make some.....Well jump forward to August 2011 and guess what I have cut out 2 crowns and they are ready to sew...
We are now in 2012 and I have 5 days till the Little Mans birthday party so what do I do ? I decide to finish them Yeah .....NOT
.I now have a new sewing machine  (I bought Kerry and myself a sewing machine around 2yrs ago as mine had died) I have never even opened it to have a look I can't find the instruction book but how hard can that be I have been sewing for 35yrs all sewing machines are the same.....WRONG...OMG after around 2 hours I finally get all settings just how I want them and I am
ready to sew...

Guess what I just found my instruction book.Only 2 hours too late...
Thanks Kerry the scissors I got for mothers day from you are BRILLIANT....
My little mans crown soooo cute I love it.....Now this is where I saw the crowns and also the pattern to make them  Birthday crowns  go have a look and make one your self.
I have changed the pattern around abit as I am a slack sewer but as long as it looks OK that's all that
This one is for a very special girl ...the only problem is....well there is 2 problems one is very wonky
sewing and the other is I used GREY cotton because I couldn't find the white...
When the little Man tried his crown on he was so happy and asked if "he was a king now ?"
Just checking himself out..

I asked the Little man to put this one on so I could take a photo of it but he said "NO I AM NOT WEARING GIRL THINGS YUCK...  and this is from a little boy who I just bought him some green nail polish ...ha ha ha

All done and I am very happy with  the end result .I will be making some more.....

Love this ribbon but I forgot where I got it from...Oh well I can shop and find something just as nice.
Now what am I going to do now?the birthday party is getting close.

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  1. Aidan is certainly a king. The girls crown is also very cute. Some little girl will love it


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