Thursday, August 16, 2012

Washi tape

I have a new addiction.It is called Washi Tape.I can't get enough of it .At the moment I have around
13 more rolls on order so I can't wait for my happy mail to come.
Just seeing all the colours together makes me smile. BUT I have rules I have to have all the colours in the correct spot.No mixing colours here.The rolls have their own holder to live on and they can't be changed (I sound like a freak) but I like some things to just be ok.

I had some mini spools so I made  up  some washi  rolls for my mum to use. They look so cute I have to get some more spools for me.

I know it dosn't look like I have many rolls YET but I will have,  Now to look on Etsy for some more.I wonder what colour I will find this time

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  1. If you have too much you can always wrap up presants with it..


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