Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

Leaving on a Jet plane.....My Little Man left on Saturday to go to QLD to his grandparents house
for 2 weeks....What was supposed to be a break for Kevin and me is horrible for me. I miss him so much..I miss the constant noise= my house is so quiet.Kevin and I can have a conversation without interruption.No more arguments at dinner time about him playing with his food (that is the LM not Kevin) No more "DA where are you? "being called out all the time.But I miss the cuddles and kisses and I miss his little stories he tells me and when he likes to dance for me..I miss snuggling up in bed and reading books together and playing tickles.I MISS HIM..... 2 weeks is 2 weeks too long...

Look at the poor little thing....his toy dog is in his backpack.Little sad eyes....I MISS HIM....
Not the best photo it was taken on mums phone...

Come back I miss you soooooo much

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  1. You'll miss him more after 2 weeks. Maybe I'll keep him here for a little longer.


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