Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Out the front

Out the front of our house is a path to the garage....
On the path there is a bench seat

So I thought what can I do here???? When mum was here we saw at the nursery a really nice metal
table and 2 chairs for $360.00 dollars.I really liked these and thought they would look perfect on the path...Problem is we live on a busy road and I was worried someone just might steal them and then it would be Goodbye $360.00.Then I got thinking......I have a set similar to what I saw at the nursery 2 iron chairs and a glass table. and they were in our pool yard....Well Kev took the bench out to the back yard and brought the table and chairs around to the front where I washed them down.Then I sprayed the legs and arm rests black to freshen them up and make them look nice and clean  and finally I put some beautiful (one of my favorites ) hearties (just like pansies ) into a black pot  and PRESTO..

I am so happy with how this looks.It just has changed the front soooo much and I love it....
And it was such a cheap change.$3 for black paint $10 for pot and $10 for plants.Now Kev has a
very happy wife.


  1. I can't see any chains, I hope it's still there in the morning!

  2. It looks a lot better than the bench.


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