Sunday, August 26, 2012


I ventured out on Thursday because BigW emailed me to say my photo order was in and being the impatient person that I am I couldn't wait till Kev got home to pick it up so off I went......Big mistake....
The drive in was just a bit too much for me (we have a manual car ) and then the walking around to get to the shop and walking around in the shop  like I said I paid for it....I was one very sore old  lady but also a happy old lady with the bits I bought.....Here are a few I can't post ALL of the items because Kevin will see them ha ha .
The large one is a canvas of the Little Man and the others are called photo blocks.Which are photos mounted onto thick board you either hang them or they can stand up...
More photo blocks and key rings and this is what the blocks look like from the side view...
The sign saying Family Friends etc won't be looking like that soon .I bought it with plans for it..My giant cupcake tin yummy..Oh I bought some cookies from the cookie man-double yum..
This cute doll is for Aidan's friend Little Charlie she is turning 4 on the weekend.I love this book and have wanted it for a little while.OMG Crunchies who put that in?
The Little Man is going to look so cute in these red skinny leg jeans.Of course I had to get the AC/DC
T'shirt and I just loved the other little shirt...
More shirts I have  just realised  that I love red and grey on the LM well it is obvious when you look at the above items ha ha .Also had to get him boring undies and singlets Oh well you can't but fun things all the time.Till next time Bye

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  1. I'm glad that you didn't forget the crunchies.
    You certainly did some shopping. Playing up while Aidan is not there or shopping in peace.


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