Saturday, September 14, 2013

Annie Solan Chalk Paint

Well I did it finally.

I received my first order of Annie Sloane's Chalk Paint.

I have resisted buying it so far as I just love using Dulux paints but I want to do my bedroom suite and that is going to be a big job so I thought I would use this.

Everyone keeps talking about it so I thought come on get with the flow.

Pure White is the colour I chose and I cant wait to see how it will look on my bedroom suite.

It has two large bedside tables a tallboy and a long dressing table with large mirror I have had it for 33years and I guess I must love it as it is still here.

The only thing I might change is the mirror as mine is attached to the dressing table  I don't know yet so I will have to sleep on that...

I bought  my paint  online from    Crab Apple Vintage   great service  I had it within 2 days.What great service.

So wish me luck with the bedroom suite.....Kevin said it would be easier just to but another one I am going to prove him wrong......I hope...


  1. Good Luck Dee. I think you will love the chalk paint and it goes a long way. I have used the pure white and love it. Just so you know it dries to a ivory color it's name is deceiving. It is a beautiful color. Good luck.


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