Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grandpa's Garden...Safe Haven

The LM had a special assembly this week the opening of  Safe Haven Garden which was inspired by a book called Grandpa's Garden....

This garden is in the schools grounds and is used by the kids all the time.There is a special place to sit and ponder ,a sort of time out chair,a friendship branch and lots of native trees and plants a pond it is really a nice spot and I am glad the kids can use it and that it isn't just for show.....

Also  in the garden is some  sculptures  made by an Aboriginal artist who worked in with the kids to produce this artwork for the gardens..

                                                  These are what the kids helped work on....

                                                    There was a unveiling of the plaque...

The LM and his friend Diesel...Our school has 50 Aboriginal Students attending and most of them were present at the assembly.

                                Check out that grin and his hands in his pockets he has grown up so much  and   ""Yes LM I made it""""...You didn't think I would did you ? ha ha

.Kerry took me to the assembly as I still cant drive I am so grateful for this and she does this each week -bringing Jaxon over to me for a couple of hours  it is so great just to spend time with her and my favourite dribbling baby Jaxon.....   and guess????? what Kerry thinks he has a tooth coming.....

So in all we had a good time at the school and LM enjoyed showing me around the Gardens....and I enjoyed spending some special time with him...


  1. What a special day for LM - and Dee Jaxon is beyond gorgeous- what a little hunk of sweetness he is!!!

  2. How sweet! That's so special that you could be there. :)

  3. What a wonderful idea for a Grandpa's garden at the school. Jaxon looks very much like Manny in.the photo.

  4. Hi Dee,

    The kiddos look so adorable in their matching outfits!



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