Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Best Ever Pork Belly...

Do you like pork belly???

I wasn't a fan till Kerry cooked this for dinner one night for Kev and I and now I am hooked....

Slice up around 5 to 6 brown onions.
Score your meat and pour boiling water over it.then pat dry.
Rub salt onto the skin and put in a very hot oven for around 35mins or until your skin has crackled....

Turn your oven down to around 150 (very low heat ) and cooked for a further 4 hours or more if you use a lower heat.

Cut up some green apples and some pears.The green pears tend to take a bit longer to cook so I used brown pears(delish)....

Now you have to eat a couple of pieces because you don't want to cook crap fruit do you?

When your meat is almost ready (mine was after 4 hours) put your apples and pears around the pork and put back in oven for about 30-40mins till fruit is cooked...

The pork is beautifully crackled ,the meat just fell off your fork it was so tender.The onions were delish as per Kevin cause I didn't eat them....I just served with some potatoes and gravy and let me tell you it was the...........
                                                  BEST EVER PORK BELLY....
Thanks Kerry for such a easy and delicious recipe.
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  1. Will definately have to try it.

  2. Finding pork belly was a feat in our area. I had to search it out for a recipe I had that used it with a basil mix and then rolled up. Yes, I am a fan! Wonderful!
    Too bad butcher shops around here look aghast when you ask. I found a butcher that sells at a Farmers Market that has pork belly, whoopee!
    Thanks for sharing.


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