Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our little Bear

Bear is a very very special "Bear"...he was bought by my Mum and Dad when I was pregnant with Kerry.

He was in her cot when she came home from hospital...Bear and Kerry were inseparable when she was little and even when she got older Bear was always there.

Bear  even comes from a famous line of Bears called the Pot Belly Bears and they had a book written about them...

Like I said Bear was loved by Kerry and where Kerry went Bear went there too.

Bear loved hugs which was lucky because Kerry loved giving them to him...Anyway when Kerry left home she asked me to keep him as she didn't want to lose him.
I gladly kept him hoping one day he would be given to Kerrys children to  be loved again..... 
Fast forward 13 years till the present.Here is our Jaxon meeting Bear for the first time...
"Jaxon meet Bear"
"Bear meet Jaxon"
It was a funny meeting Jaxon wasn't really interested in Bear but at one stage he did reach over and touch Bear...
I can wait...I have waited this long for the two to meet I can wait a few more months....

I have always loved this picture of Kerry and Bear ,Bear looks so nice and new.....I knew that when Kerry had children that I wanted to introduce the two and try to recreate this photo......

                                  "Hi Bear you and me are going to be lifelong friends OK"

                                             "Kerry I am here for you always" said Bear.

                                      And they both did what they said they would do.....


  1. Oh my goodness, Dee. This is so special (and funny at the end where Bear is having a conversation.) :) I just adore these older pictures. Yes, Bear looks so shiny and new. What a special thing that you kept him this whole time and were able to reintroduce him to Jaxon.


  2. Bear has wethered very well. I love the photos of Kerry with him as it brings back many memories.

  3. How precious - I lost all of those childhood mementos ( we had a flood one year )
    My heart still aches over it :(


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