Wednesday, September 25, 2013

School Art holder....

Kids school pictures love them or hate them we all get them but what do we do with them?

When the LM went to pre school I kept most of his pictures -who am I kidding I kept all of them  until I realised  I had way to many .So I sorted through them and took photos of the best ones and made a digital book with them and it is great.These ones were also kept the rest well they kind of disappeared.......

Now it is  easy to pull the book  out and LM can look at them any time he wants.

Well now he is in Kindergarten he likes to bring home different art work.Now LM isn't the type of boy who will do drawings and colourings  he like to run and play so when I do get a drawing I make a fuss and put it on the fridge with magnets to hold it in place.

I used to make signs saying "Look what I did in school today" on a long piece of wood but I wanted something different this time.

I found this plaque in Spotlight so it came home with me..

I then painted it with blackboard paint -only because I had it out or else I would have just used black paint...

When it was dry I wrote his name on it using a chalk ink pen..

               I went over his name to make sure it looked good..Well I think it does...

Kevin sprayed it with clear spray and screwed the bulldog clips  on it. I glued the magnets on the back and the crayons on the front and ...LA LA DA LA  (I cant sing hey ha ha) it was done ..


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  1. Keeps all things nice & tidy on your fridge & looks good.

  2. I am going to adapt this idea for all those appointment cards we have around.

  3. I love this idea!.. and i always loved when the kids brought home school art.


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