Monday, September 16, 2013

Beach fun

Kevin's son Mitchell lives in Port Macquarie so to go up and see our new Grandson Bowen we decided to stay over night .It is only a four hour trip but it would have been too tiring for Kev to have to do it all in one day there and back home.

When we arrived Mitchell was at work so we decided to kill some time at the beach.

Now I know that the LM is a fish and loves the water but he has been to the beach briefly before and wasn't that impressed so I didn't know how he would go this time....

I need not have worried....

He was a bit scared at first and just hung around the edge but his confidence soon came and he was off.....

He told Kev "that the rocks were moving" when the water was coming in and out....

And poor Kev had no intention of going for a swim that's why he had his shirt on but the LM kept hanging on tight to Kev's hand as they were in the water....luckily Kev didn't get too wet...

I was sitting up in the park as I can't  get sand into my bandages so I was so surprised with my photos that I managed to capture some good ones being so far away....

The LM was sad when we left but soon was happy when we told him that Nana lives near the beach and she will take him there while he is up there for the school holidays this coming week

"will she take me every day Dee?"

"umm don't know mate you'll have to ask nana.."

"oh she'll take me I 'm her favourite you know"

He is so funny this kid....poor mum and John  they have him for two weeks but for  me and Kevin well that's a different story "PARTY"

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  1. We're looking forward to Aidan & Gails visit & yes nan will take him to the beach. I don't think Pop will come though.


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