Saturday, September 21, 2013

Digital books....

I really love making  digital photo books and have made so many that I think I know what I am doing in my sleep by now.

I still get Kevin to be my copywriter and check my spelling and if I have worded it correctly.

Sometimes he gives me ideas on what to say regarding a particular photo and sometimes I listen ha ha .

I have tried lots of company's and I really love Memento.

This was the first one I used and I have made a few on here and they are above the rest on quality....where the problem is though  is with the price. I just can not afford to do the amount I do with them so the next best I have found is Big W photo books.

I usually go for the 8x8 book...,it is a soft cover book and I use white pages then just change them  as I go .The book is usually $20 but it can be found on special quite a lot for $10 this is when I try to get mine especially as I do copies for gifts...Well last year before Christmas they had the books for $5 UNBELIEVABLE!!! I got my fingers going and made heaps for Christmas gifts.

Any way I have been getting my photos together (rather slowly) to make Kerry's baby shower book and Jaxon's birth book when I received an email from Big W saying the books were on sale again for $5.....well my fingers were doing overtime I managed to complete 14 new books and with copies it came to a total of 39 books total should have been $780.00  but due to the sale it cost $195  big difference hey giving me a saving of  $585.00 now you know why I wait for the sales....

My books were picked up today by Kevin and I LOVE them......

I am already working on a 2013 year book to print out in January 2014 A book of Jaxon in his monthly onsies OMG it is so cute so far.I am doing the LM's 2013 book which is just photos of him and then also a book for the 1st year of school for the LM.I will just do these bit by bit on the Big W website and when they are finished I will wait till the specials come on.....for the kind of savings I just made I don't mind waiting.....

Now poor Kev doesn't understand that I saved him $585 he said "you spent $195 so how does that mean you saved the other if you didn't buy any you could have saved more"

""shut up Kev"


  1. Those are the best gifts ever! I never get around to making the books & really I have no excuses...I just never do...

    maybe someday :)

    Annie was just asking me how Your babe & his mother were doing... :) I told her great :)

    Thinking of you!!!

  2. thanks I love to do these for me they are just like photo albums.Plus they make nice gifts-love deex

  3. I love all the ones that you have made for me. Something to always treasure.


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