Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Typography Wall Art

I have a thing for letters and names being used for decoration in our home and for ages I have seen this type of  typography wall art and I love it....

I love that there is so many variations for every letter  it is endless what you can do...

Now I have tried and tried many different sites and tutorials on how to do this  and failed.Some of the sites would not let you download the letters or if they did I found it impossible to do so..

That was until the other  night.....Hip Hip Hooray !!!!! I did it .....

Now this is my first attempt at doing this and it was 11..pm so I was getting pretty tired but regardless of that  they turned out great...

Here is the site where she gives details on how to set up Microsoft Publisher (I have never used this before) to make the grid so you can add your letters to......

Full of Great Ideas  blog.  Many thanks and I followed her instructions without any problems even for a micro soft novice like me ...

Now  here is the site where the letters are available at ......Collections

Leo Reynolds  is the writer  who has made  this wonderful site and  the amount of letters is amazing, who would have thought it would be so hard to choose a letter...trust me the choosing is the hardest bit....

So all  I did was select my letter right clicked on it and selected large then I right clicked again and selected copy then hopped over to my Publisher grid and right clicked paste then I just re sized it to fit.

The above names were just printed onto some card I had to see if it worked.When I first started I just thought oh well it won't work but Wow what a pleasant surprise when it all came together.I wish I had worked it out properly (size and paper) to start with oh well you learn from your mistakes,,,

Now I have to work out the size I want to do and get my frames and go go go ....I have a picture framer who  we get our custom frames from  his  prices are so good.So I am going to order a couple of frames with matt board and make these up.I also want to do one with our last name to go in our pool room I think it will look great and as you all know I love anything with our name or initials on it...

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  1. This is so cool Dee. I love this.

  2. These are great! Yay for you for figuring it out, Dee. My daughter would love something like this with their last name. She wants to do a gallery wall and I think this would make a great addition to it.

  3. Using a couple's last name would make a wonderful wedding gift or for a new baby. Love these.

  4. Wow! It is pretty cool. And I will definitely give this idea a try too. But I hope it would turn out beautifully.



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