Friday, September 27, 2013

Jaxons 1/2 Birthday,

I can't believe it my beautiful little grand son Jaxon is now 6 months old....

The time has flown by since this adorable baby graced us with his presence.

I didn't think I could love another person the way I do with Jaxon.

When he smiles at me my heart melts so god knows what it will be like when he is older ha ha ..

Kerry let me give Jaxon a little cupcake for his 1/2 birthday and we had a laugh about the way he was grabbing it trying to put it in his mouth....

He already has his personality coming through he is such a cheeky boy ,loves to suck his bottom lip in ,flares his nostrils and has a smile to die for..

I look at him and I remember his mother as a baby he is so much like her but he is also so much like Manny  it amazes me how he can have both parents looks but be so individual....Regardless he is beautiful (must get his looks from his Nana now don't laugh just look at my daughter she is stunning )

I love it when I see him and say hello that he recognizes me and smiles straight away .I am so lucky to have him in my life...

Oh well I guess it wont be long till it is this bubs 1st Birthday......


  1. He is adorable... Happy 1/2 birthday Jaxon (very cool name).

  2. Time has gone so fast. Jaxon is just so cute & cuddley.


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