Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Not just dogs but family members...

I have always been a dog lover and when Kevin.. and I go together  I was happy to find out he loved dogs as well.

We bought our first dog "Spud"  a boxer and she was our baby. Tragically she was hit by a car.

Next we ended up with a Rottweiler called Sid who was wonderful but at the same time we got the LM and we just couldn't spend the time needed to exercise a large dog like Sid when we had a 6 month old so Sid was given to a friend who trained dogs for a living...

Next came Bonnie our little Pug.She was adorable and was a house dog but when she was 12 weeks old she fell down the stairs and broke her leg so she had to be kept in solitaire to keep quiet so her leg could heal.When she recovered she was super hypo and then as I got sicker she kept knocking my legs which were so painful so in the end Bonnie was adopted by Brie and Annaliese where she is thoroughly spoilt and loved and I am so grateful that they love her so....

I have regretted it every day since but I knew it was for the best.Well now my legs seem to be improving well improving enough that we can finally get a dog....

Enter Miss Lilly when I want to be posh or Lilly for everyday name.

She is a Shinese which is Pekingese and Shituzi .

                                     This is the picture of Lilly age 4 weeks that took my heart away....

I saw her on the net , she was bred in Lauceston Tasmania so it took awhile to work out how was the best and cheapest way to get her to Sydney...

We worked it all outband Miss Lilly had her first plane trip to Sydney.On the way to pick her up I was so excited as I had only seen photos and not her and now I was finally going to meet our new girl..

                                        Well it was love at first sight she is so sweet.

First thing in the morning she comes in and wants cuddles.Then as soon as she hears the LM she forgets me then after he goes to school she is back to following me everywhere.

Kev has taught her all manner of tricks and she has picked them up really fast

And the LM he loves her dosent like getting licked on the face but still loves her.

Actually if we want her to come and she dosnt want too (oh she is very stubbourn) the LM goes "Woof Woof " and she comes running I have tried it as well and for some reason she likes this...

So hears to a long lifetime with Miss Lilly our sweet stubborn little Shinese..


  1. Yay!! I'm so tickled to hear your legs are improving even the slightest bit. Dogs really do improve our life, I'm convinced. As a fellow dog-lover, I think it's great you have Miss Lilly joining your family. They are members, indeed. XOXO

  2. Lilly is beautiful & will always melt hearts, she is so cute


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