Thursday, December 5, 2013

Outdoor Lounge Suite repainted.

This is our outdoor setting on the back veranda...we like sitting out here especially when the LM is in the pool.It is a really comfy lounge suite but looked crap....

We had already done the coffee table by hand but OMG what a pain all those slats.I had even got so far as to have painted primer on the lounge and one chair but I just couldn't do it.I hated the slats so much so we went to Burnings and bought a spray gun for $30 and I tell you this best buy ever....

                                                        Chair before just waiting to get primed....

And here it is all painted and I am so happy with the result.I just have to get new cushion covers as these are yuck.I tried to dye them and yes I followed the directions but the fabric was outdoor fabric and it just wouldn't take....

I wanted a rug to go underneath but was worried about it getting wet. Well I found this one at Flower Power for $60

I am so happy how this has turned out.I need to recover the cushion covers I got a quote but they wanted almost $1000 to do it .ummm no way sorry.I also have a beautiful yellow throw rug to go onto the lounge plus the best evet small cushion covers to put on the lounge I just have to remember to get the inserts for them next time I am in Spotlight.

Thanks Kevin for finishing off this job...


  1. Ooooo, Dee! I love it. The rug is beautiful and helps define the space. It's like an outdoor living room. I also like the lanterns. Well done. XOXO

  2. It looks so much better white & the rug looks like it was made for there.


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