Saturday, December 7, 2013

The way we were 2

Hope you like this weeks oldies...

                                   Love this picture of a young Kevin with his three boys...Kev looks so so young he was about 27 years old but I don't think he looks it.....Do you ?

                                      He is still a cutie ....Kevin fishing as a young boy....

                                       What a dag am I ....urghh Mum look at those shoes ....

Finally me and my two younger sisters...OMG see that jug with the flowers on it in the cupboard behind me Mum gave me that jug and I love it....

Well I hope you got a giggle looking at these. I did and  I really liked seeing them  again ......


  1. always love old photos. Thanks for your blog love, I replied via email , so hope you got it ok. In case you didn't the reindeer chipboard is from Scrapmatts
    they have the most beautiful chipboards

  2. I love the photo of you, Sandra & Gail. Your shoes were very fashionable Deidre. You look very cute


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