Friday, March 29, 2013

LM's First Easter Hat Parade.

Today the LM had his first Easter Hat Parade and guess what I was SICK.....not just little sick but mega I am going to die kinda sick...

I was so upset as this was his "first" school function and I didn't want to dissapoint him by not going..
Like this is the  first time he gets to show us his Assembly and OMG I feel rotten.

I had to get Pam (my sister in law) to take him to school.Then I thought if I have a shower and do my legs (change my dressings)  and just rest maybe.......and yeah maybe I could win Miss Australia...

Kev called to  check on me.... I felt yuck but a bit better  but I couldn't drive no way and let me say the school is at the end of my street......So my wonderful Knight in shinning Armour came to my rescue once again....

Kev came home and took me to the Easter Hat Parade.

So she and sweet looking.....

I am going to treasure this picture.Look how cute he is ,this is shy LM see how he has twisted his sports shorts.

                        At the risk of offending thousands of other kindergarten boys this year.

                                                  I HAVE THE CUTEST LOOKING.......

Thanks Kev for taking me I will never forget the look on LM's face when he saw us watching him...

Yeah I am one of those mothers.
This was taken when LM was around 8months old.
He is still a cute bunnie...

                                                                 One last flash back.
                                                     Kerrys first Easter Hat Parade 1988.
                               And guess what she makes the cutest little Bunnie as well.....

                                            Happy Easter from our house to

                                                    I love you Kevin Thanks heaps xxx


  1. This is adorable!!!!! I love it Dee! I have to show Annie too :) Prob too late for this year for us but next year... :) A must!

  2. Aidan is so cute & I love the flashback to Kerry. It certainly brings back the memories.
    Kevin is truly amazing what he does but, then that is what love will do. Good on you Kevin for loving my daughter. xxx

  3. I am so happy you got to go and see the parade. I know it meant alot to you but the joy you gave LM for being there is priceless. And yes, thank you Kevin for expressing your love for Dee in these things you do.


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