Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter is coming

Well Easter is fast approaching and unless you have been living under a rock you would know that...

Well say hello to rock dweller Dee....

I really didn't realise just how close it was what with all that was happening around us at the moment.

Last year we had an Easter tree and had a few little ornaments around and it felt nice.and urgh!!! don't look at the dust in my tv cupboard I am lazy and only dust the front part not behind the tv but you can be assured that I will be doing from now on-how embarrassing....

I bought most of my ornaments from Bed n Bath which has a great selection and great prices.This bunny is from the Reject shop a couple of years ago.The little train set above is this years Bed n Bath.

I couldn't resist this bunny ....I saw him last year and thought I would think about it and then when I went to buy it-all gone sold out...Crap...
This time when I saw him I thought your mine and you are coming  home with me now.....

This is our Easter tree....

A couple of sticks painted white and then decorated with beautiful little eggs from the last couple of years.I am just building up my stash abit each year...I just put the leaves in as well to fill the vase top but actually I like the contast with the white sticks.

Our tree may not be the biggest or decorated with diamonds (what a stupid description-I hope you know what I mean though) but it is our tree, and LM thinks it is the most beautiful tree he has ever seen ...that was his words cute hey...

I am going to keep a look out for sticks I like better or maybe a little stick tree but I am not in a hurry as we all love our tree....

Do you decorate for Easter?


  1. The tree looks really good, & yes I'm sure that Aidan loves it. Me....well I just love the chocolate Easter eggs. You can not beat the taste of chocolate Cadbury easter eggs. xxx

  2. Your tree is beautiful Dee ( I personally would prefer a diamond one myself lmho )
    And love all your bunnies - including the dust bunnies in your t.v. cabinet :)

  3. Hi Dee i am so glad that everything in your world is happy at the moment. The cute little outfit your mum made is adorable. We don't decorate for easter but after seeing your tree i just might.


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