Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby update


I am out of sorts here too much has been going on and finally caught up with my and so I have been taking things real easy.

Kerry and Jaxon came home on the Saturday .Can you believe it that's 5 days after he was born but the doctors said Kerry is doing good and everything is OK with her and Jaxon is all clear,No brain damage no problems just a normal little boy.

Thank you God......

Kerry said Jaxon is so good he sleeps 5-6 hours at a time and doesn't cry just makes a squeak noise hence his new nick name "Squeak".I can just imagine him when he is 21 and 6 foot still being called Squeak...

I have been down to see him and his mum a few times since he got home but Phew it has taken it out of me.....

Lots of photos have been taken and here are just a few....

Dad with Squeak introducing him to his family of Ziggy and Diesel.

                                                My mother meeting her new Great Grand son.....

                                              This is my sister meeting her new great nephew.....

LM was mesmerized by squeak......

                         And a still very very happy proud Nana and her little Squeak....I am so in love with this little fella.

Although check out silly Nana she is wearing sunglasses on her head with her reading glasses up there as well.Poor kid will think I have 6 eyes...he he he
Can't wait to show you all the dress up photos  we have done of Squeak ....they are so cute...

 I am sooooo clever ha ha I better watch  out for the wind in case it blows my tickets off me...ha ha ha


  1. Two pairs of glasses just means you are prepared for anything! :) Wow Dee is he ever sweet!!!! Love him! So good to see him home & loved!

  2. Jaxon is such a beautiful little person
    I wished I lived closer to you, Gail & Kerry
    I'm so happy that you now have the grandchild that you have always longed

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  4. What a precious one!!!
    Grandma with 6 eyes - better to see him with I say lol!!!


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