Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby update

Wells here is the latest news.

We have a grandson but I cant be excited yet.

There was some problems  and Kerry and baby's blood pressure dropped plus a few other things so they had to do an emergency C section around 6.oopm ..

Emmanuel has just called she has had the baby .he hasn't seen either Kerry or baby,has no details on
either one freaking out....He was told he can see Kerry in around 2 hours.Its no use me going down it would take over an hour and they are very strict regarding visting and Kerry is in no state for visitors even if it is her stressing out mum.So I wait with the phone on my lap for any news.

Although I am excited that he is here this is not the beginning of the precious bub and mother
to be like this...

I don't want to celebrate yet till I know everything is ok with the 3 of them......

I am going to cry now like a big baby myself and pray like I never have



  1. We are thinking & also worrying with you. Not being able to be there is the worst although you would not be able to do anything. Kerry & Bub will be fine. Love you xxx

  2. We too are thinking and praying for you all, and Kerry and Bub are in the best hands.


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