Friday, March 1, 2013

Five days to go....

Well we are onto the final countdown less than a week to go.Actually it is 5 days to go but who is counting.

We had a family dinner last night and gee Kerry looks so tired.Peanut is the size of a 41week baby but they wont do anything till Kerry is 2 weeks over.At the moment she is only 39 weeks.

Midwife says Peanut is engaged and ready and to expect a big boy and she can feel his head which is big....great .

                                                   So now we wait and wait and wait.....

I just hope I get to see him.I have had a bad day today and slept all day.Then got up at 4.30pm to make dinner for the kids.There was no way I was cancelling dinner,not a chance.It was funny watching Kerry's belly Peanut wasn't kicking but just moving and I could see it-pure magic.....

Emmanuel cooked a chili last night for their dinner and she had chili rice for lunch.Emmanuel was told chili will bring labour on.

I said all you are going to do is make her have a giant case of gas and we don't want her to "fart" the baby out.

I told him to take her home and have good sex....(even when I said it I couldn't look at either of them) but that is what everyone told me to do  to induce labour.but telling them to have sex is what got them in this situation in the first place ha ha

So who knows when he will get here.

If she goes today he will be born on 1st march 2013 which is 1/3/13........maybe.......

Anyone got any ideas on how to get him to come out??????


  1. Sex would definitely be out of the question for me LOL -
    BUT vacuuming worked - brought it on almost immediately!!!
    ( and I tried to get it finished before getting to the hospital LOL )

  2. Nature cannot be rushed but its hard when all you want to do is have a baby in your arms. Ah new's such a celebration.

  3. Come on Kerry, we are all waiting for a beautiful baby boy. Poor Kerry the last couple of weeks are always the worse as you just want the baby to come.


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