Sunday, March 31, 2013

Little Easter Bunnie

                       Kerry dressed Jaxon in the little Bunnie outfit that mum made for
                                     What a cutie...Like gee I love this little boy....

             The little suit really fits him so well.Oh I am a bit sad though -his belly button has fallen      out boo hoo my little baby is growing up

            So how lucky am I .....I have the LM who is a bundle of mischief and cheekiness.

And now I have this little angel...... wonder who he will take after mum or dad?...-If he takes after Kerry he will be a quiet little man-If he takes after Emmanuel well that's a different story......Apparently Emmanuel was a little chatterbox ...

                                Watch out Kerry you are going to have your handful.

I can't forget my big baby Kevin......He is cheeky,naughty, a chatterbox and guess what he is MINE...



  1. He is gorgeous Dee. Not giving everyone to many sleepless nights I hope.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

    1. And your mum did a wonderful job. Love those bunny ears.

  2. You have too many men in your life Deidre. Bets on who gets spoilt.
    Jaxon looks so cute & cuddley.

  3. I love the bunny outfit. thanks for the stickers. we are looking for the perfect suprize for you. Jackson is so cute.

  4. That outfit looks great on jaxon. His 1st of many dress ups. But your photos are always worth it.


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