Tuesday, March 19, 2013

White ruler

I love my ruler that I made but I didn't like the way I did the numbers...

 I used a sharpie and drew  them on but while it looked good I wasn't entirely happy with it....plus I thought it was a bit dark as well..
Check out my first attempt here

So off Kevin went to Bunnings to get me another piece of wood and while he was getting me that piece  I thought he may as well get another  piece so I could make Kerry one as well...

Well Kerry has grey walls at her house so the wood stain just wouldn't suit so I did hers white.The white turned out really good...

Nice and fresh with the black numbers.

I stained mined a bit lighter this time so I was very happy with how it turned out (second time lucky)

For the numbers on Kerry's  and mine I got my dad to get me vinyl numbers from where he gets his from (dad makes clocks really great clocks)

I have to thank Kev heaps as he marked out the measurements for me and did the letters as I  don't like doing that sort of thing..

Well both rulers have turned out great......I am a legend  (Kev is too xxx )......I am a fool  true true true but I am now a fool with a great looking ruler ha ha ha  

Have you made one yet ?.....


  1. Love it Dee - and what a perfect gift for Kerry!
    Great job!!!

  2. It turned out lovely. I love the white.


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