Sunday, March 24, 2013

I won a prize;


Yep you heard that right but I will repeat it anyway  as it makes me smile when I say it


One of my favorite blogs that I love to read is The Love Supreme .It is written by Mardi and is a really nice blog to follow,bits of craft ,family cooking,Kinda like visiting a friend.

Well recently she did a post on Stuck on you- who make personalized labels and gifts.
Anyway Mardi had 3 x$30 gift vouchers to giveaway by just leaving a comment on her blog.

I just left my comment and thought no more about it.

BUT!!!!! then I got an email from Mardi saying I was one of the winners.

How great is that.!!!!!!

I ended up getting a jigsaw with Jaxon's name on cute.I was going to get the  stationary set for  LM but changed my mind as while I liked the pencils on closer look the activity book just wasn't what  I wanted so I  just got him the pencils which I know LM will love.....

The above pictures are examples of what I have ordered....Really happy with my choices.
I cant wait to get them .....

Thanks Mardi, thanks stuck on you.

So now I wait for my gorgeous prizes,I hope I dont have to wait long ......

Do you enter competitions? have you ever won anything?


  1. Ah congrats they look great.

    Hope you are having a swell time with the addition to your family.

  2. I can't even win a chook raffle or an arguement with John let alone entering competions.
    Congratulations on winning something, they look great.

  3. Ok - Joan's comment is hilarous lmao........
    I win ALL the arguments with my John - but that's all I win
    ( oh once I went to a casino and won enough to take us and the kids and their mates to Cuba - that was indeed a great win )

  4. What a cool gift Dee! Love the puzzles! Wit hall the cool names out their these days it is awesome to be able to order stuff personalized! Jaxon will love it!!!


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