Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Smile

Can you believe it my little baby is 4 weeks old tomorrow...
Time has gone so fast. Kerry sent me this today it is Jaxon's first smile.That's Emmanuel tickling his face.
I know I am biased but God he is so cute....
Sorry to you guys I am going to be a pain showing him off but then again I am sure I bore you about the LM and Kevin,its just that I love them so much..
Thanks for looking...


  1. Just so very cute. I can see Manny in him in this photo.

  2. It's been 4 WEEKS?!!! crazy! That flew by!

    The first smiles are so sweet! Just loves his!!!

  3. Deeeeeeeeee! You did it again! Made the girls day :) She spotted that airmail stamp right away! & then the koala. :) Thanks so much Dee! You must be going broke on all that postage :) Sending love!

  4. Well it looks like he is meeting his milestones on time or even before. Must be such a relief after the trauma of birth. He is such a cutie.


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